Support Short Story Collections

Wow, say that three times fast. Through Emerging Writers Network, I learned about the following “challenge” hosted by Andrew Scott at Andrew’s Book Club. I’m posting the rules directly from his site:

“1) The first rule of Andrew’s Book Club is you should talk about Andrew’s Book Club.

2) The second rule of Andrew’s Book Club is you should talk about Andrew’s Book Club. Spread the word.

3) Each month I will select two short story collections to be released that month, give or take a few weeks. One will be from a NYC publisher, while a second selection will spotlight a book from an indie or university press. Buy at least one of these books each month. 12 books a year (24 if you buy both selections) is not too much to ask. It would be great if you also supported your local independent bookstore. But you may prefer Borders or Barnes & Noble, or maybe you live in the middle of nowhere and rely upon Amazon or Powell’s. But buy the story collections. If your bookstore doesn’t have the book, order it. Talk to the owner about the book, and about how much you love to read (and buy) story collections. Put your mouth where your money is.

4) Read beyond the Andrew’s Book Club selections. I will only select two books each month. In reality, there are likely dozens of worthwhile books for you to read and support each month. Buy one of my selections in order to bring the power of short story readers together and make our collective voice heard by publishers. Buy the books of your choice to quench your other readerly thirsts.

5) Stop by this blog [Andrew’s] every so often and post your thoughts.”

Andrew’s picks for January are Lauren Groff’s Delicate Edible Birds and Allison Amend’s Things That Pass for Love. He’ll be announcing his picks for February next Sunday, February 1. Myself, I’m going to have to use the library, as unemployment leaves me no room for purchasing extras. However, I pledge that when I can afford it, I’ll buy the picks I can’t get at the library. Hopefully that will be sooner, rather than later.

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