Catching Up

Today I am working on my post about Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, which I completed for the 9 for ’09 challenge. I’ll probably also spend some time looking at a terrific new (to me) blog about books and music that I found this morning: Largehearted Boy. It has a feature called Book Notes, where authors discuss music they associate with their books, as well as a section called Note Books, where musicians discuss books. How cool is that? A large chunk of my day just disappeared, I can already tell.

I’m also dedicating some time this week to read about and research the wonderful world of freelancing. I’ve got a couple of books, The Four Hour Work Week and My So-Called Freelance Life, that I hope to talk about next week.

In reading, I’ve moved onto Isabella Moon, and after that I’ll be picking up Falling Leaves for the World Citizen challenge.

Happy Monday!

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