4 thoughts on “Sorry. I just have to do this.

  1. Glad to see you have posted your thoughts on GWTW, which I’ll read and link to.

    As to your comment, I do not know where in Atlanta this bookstore is, but I have discovered it recently through a network indies website. The store is called “Bound to Be Read Books”

    Bound to Be Read Books in Atlanta.

  2. Yikes, I love Carol and Vicki and Tim. They are brilliant. Sadly, they just don’t make TV like this anymore.

  3. Gavin, I am glad you appreciate them. I got to the point in GWTW where Scarlett makes the dress out of curtains, and for my whole life I will picture Carol Burnett with that curtain rod across her shoulders…I had to share. They have some great other clips of that show–thank goodness for YouTube!

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