What Is Love?

In my ongoing (forEVER) reading of Gone with the Wind, I just came across this passage:

“She went through the orchard under the bare wet boughs and the damp weeds beneath them wet her feet. She could hear the sound of the axe ringing as Ashley split into rails the logs hauled from the swamp. Replacing the fences the Yankees had so blithely burned was a long hard task. Everything was a long hard task, she thought wearily, and she was tired of it, tired and mad and sick of it all. If only Ashley were her husband, instead of Melanie’s, how sweet it would be to go to him and lay her head upon his shoulder and cry and shove her burdens onto him to work out as best he could.”

Oh yes. The shoving of the burdens. I remember that from my wedding vows: “I promise to love, honor, cherish, and shove off all my burdens…” That is what I call true love.

For the love of god, just get over it already, Scarlett! HE IS NOT MR. BIG. HE DOES NOT LOVE YOU.*


*Except that, apparently, he does. But why on earth why?

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