I found this link about cool bookshelves over on Largehearted Boy.

This one’s my favorite–it’s a staircase!

I’d like a lounge version of this next one, with a nice down cushion, and maybe a swing-arm desk for my laptop.

This looks really cool, but I don’t tend to buy my books by color, so I am not sure I could pull it off! I suppose I could put book covers on everything, like we used to do in school (do kids do that anymore?)…

This one makes me dizzy.

And I like this one, but I’ve looked and looked and cannot determine how one gets to the books in the middle…

At my house, I have built-ins:

And standard-issue Target shelves (the first set has all my TBR books, challenge and otherwise):

As long as I can find things, I suppose that’s all that really matters!

9 thoughts on “Bookshelves

  1. The bookcase in the staircase is incredible. Have to find a way to keep the dust away from the books! 🙂

  2. Mmmm… my dream is to one day live in a place where I can have a library in my own abode. We have some pretty funky bookshelves in our current apartment, but to have a room devoted to books? Heaven!

    Also, Tony says the bookshelf that you can’t understand (how to access the interior books) is actually a rendering! So it may not even exist in real life!

  3. Gavin, thank you so very much! I hear you about the piles and stacks. I got rid of a lot through Bookmooch, and if I weren’t on such a strict budget I am sure by now I’d be right back where I was!

    Steph, of course it’s some crazy Photoshop magic! Figures. Still I like to think there’s a secret door or something that opens when you pull out the right book. I’m very Nancy Drew that way. 😉 I’m right there with you on a room devoted to books–or rooms, even!

    Claire, isn’t it awesome?

    Matt, I’m not sure about the dust…I wonder Plexiglass doors would work? Some that slide?

  4. The chair is beautiful but looks quite uncomfy! You modified version would be perfect though! 😉

    My favorite is the staircase one. I guess that as long as you don’t have many children running up and down the stairs with melty ice cream, this is a nice way to keep your books safe all in the same place without taking a whole room of your house!

  5. Kittykay, that original chair did look uncomfy. And so true about the melty ice cream (not to mention, easy access for curious little hands!).

  6. Jackie, it’s definitely a figment of someone’s imagination…they must have thought up some books that would fit in there as well. 🙂

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