BTT: Bookmarks

btt2What items have you ever used as a bookmark? What is the most unusual item you’ve ever used or seen used?

I think if you are adamant about using bookmarks (as I am), at one time or another you’ve used anything you could find that wouldn’t mark or damage a book. I’ve used metal bookmarks, cloth bookmarks, crocheted bookmarks, free paper bookmarks from bookstores (I still have many of these, some from the late 80s), folded pieces of paper, envelopes, greeting cards, postcards, receipts, bills, napkins, pens. I guess the strangest thing I have seen used as a bookmark is a golf tee…really not that strange, when it comes right down to it. Readers do what they have to do!

One other thing: if you borrow a book from me, it will come with a bookmark already in place.

Happy Thursday!

14 thoughts on “BTT: Bookmarks

  1. I am a book mark fanatic. I’ve almost trianed my husband to always use a book mark – he’s the type that will turn down corners of leave a book laying open. Many of my friends make hand stamped greeting cards, and after I’ve enjoyed looking at them I take them apart and recreate them as book marks so I can continue to enjoy them.

  2. Joy, yes, almost anything will do. Reading other people’s lists, I realized how many things I had left off mine: boarding passes, train tickets, business cards, etc.

    Melanie, I like to do that with any pretty card or postcard. My husband doesn’t read often, but when he does, he uses a bookmark–thank goodness!

    Alayne, I wouldn’t either…

    novelinsights, I actually think the golf tee was in one of those movie encyclopedias (and the golf tee was my dad’s).

    Matt, I really do try to use actual bookmarks, but more often than not I use whatever is sitting closest at the time.

    Marce, yes, it’s my little HINT! 🙂

    Melissa, it’s definitely better than folding corners or laying a book flat!

  3. golf tee, wont that fall down when he carries the book around?

    I am a bookmark fanatic too…I always have spare bookmark…there were few rarely moments when I didn’t use bookmark

  4. Yvonne, I have never used a golf tee either. I’d be afraid a golfer might steal it from me…

    Ted, first time for everything, no?

    Novroz, I think it must have been a temporary mark for something he looked up in the book. I loved the pictures of your pets as bookmarks!

  5. Not being a huge fan of golf, I’m not quite sure what a golf tee is! I’ve grown to be quite a bookmark fanatic although, somewhat sheepishly, I find I don’t hesitate to dog ear library books. :-p

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