Teaser Tuesday: A Double Dose

teasertuesdays32Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.

Last week I was making great progress with The Group, by Mary McCarthy, but my progress was interrupted when Michelle Huneven’s Blame became available on my hold list at the library. Blame had a shorter check-out period, so I set The Group aside to read it. I finished it this weekend, but I’ll give you a bit of a teaser for it anyway, just for fun.

Blame, by Michelle Huneven:

At Bertrin, Patsy had been in with petty, unmalicious felons–drug users, wallet-filching prostitutes, check kiters–but in Malibu she lived with killers, assaulters, armed robbers, anyone who’d done good time and had fewer than two years left to serve. Every other woman, it seemed, had stabbed or shot or poisoned some man, although Antonia confided that she was in for killing her mom.

This next one is from The Group, by Mary McCarthy, which I should finish today. The setting for this scene is actually a new mother’s hospital room. My how times have changed:

More visitors were arriving: Connie Storey and her husband and young Dr. Edris, who had been Sloan’s roommate in medical school. The conversation grew louder, and the room was full of cigarette smoke.

4 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: A Double Dose

  1. Wow, Malibu sounds like a rough place! And I thought it was just a nice place to surf and swim! Good teaser. I remember reading “The Group” in college many years ago and enjoying it a lot.

  2. I read The Group and loved the scene in the hospital room! Can you believe a room with new mothers and babies is filled with visitors and smoke?! I half expected to read that somebody was walking around with a tray of cocktails!
    Blame sounds really riveting! You read both book quickly and I can understand why! It’s also interesting how very different the books are. At least there’s no worry confusing them while reading them at virtually the same time!
    Thank you for leaving a teaser about both, they’re both terrific!

  3. Alayne, she definitely hits the big time, in the wrong way.

    Joy, ha! Yes, the inmates don’t seem to do much of that, at least not in the book.

    Amy, but they are serving cocktails! From the book: “Over the weekend, Sloan stopped in every afternoon and shook up martinis for visitors.” And true–it could not be more difficult to confuse these two books. Very different, but both good reads.

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