Teaser Tuesday: Await Your Reply

teasertuesdays32Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading.

So, I may have experienced my very own Christmas miracle: I got a stack of books as a gift, and when I opened the box from Amazon, the books were not wrapped. It just so happened that as I was stacking the books beneath the tree, where I planned to let them sit untouched until Christmas day, this particular book, Dan Chaon’s Await Your Reply, fell open to the first page of the first chapter. I took it as a sign.

He had spent the entire decade of his twenties looking for Hayden–sleepwalking through various odd jobs and attempts at higher education–and all the while thinking that his “real” vocation was elsewhere. His real vocation was “detective,” his real vocation was looking for Hayden, he’d thought, his every attempt at normalcy punctuated–punctured–by periods of intense Hayden obsession: gathering and sifting through data, spending his money and charging up credit cards so that he could go on these long, fruitless trips.

Happy Tuesday!

6 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday: Await Your Reply

  1. Priscilla – that’s the best christmas ever: a stack of books from Amazon! I got loads too, but have them all wrapped up as gifts, so no chance they fall open at such an intriguing page…. who on earth is Haydn and why is he looking? See, you got us hooked, we’ll all go out and get this one too! Have a happy christmas

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