I think we can all agree on this now: I will never be a photographer. No matter, I got some goodies over the weekend that I wanted to share with you. I am still reading The Knife of Never Letting Go, and although I do like it very much, right now it feels like the book of never letting go, especially with this little pile taunting me every day.

My next read is perched right there on top: A.S. Byatt’s The Children’s Book, which I won from the lovely Nymeth. Thanks so much Nymeth! I cannot wait to read it.

The next three are more ARCs from HarperCollins (I know, I know–stop accepting books!). Shadow Tag, Louise Erdich’s latest novel, tells the story of a marriage in dissolution. The wife, a scholar, discovers that her husband, a painter, has been reading her journal, believing she is having an affair. When she discovers his secret, she starts recording her thoughts in a new journal, which she keeps stashed in a safe deposit box at the bank, and turns the one her husband has been reading into a sort of farce. I read the first few pages, but I’m suspending judgment. The next book is a memoir/collection of essays by feminist scholar Terry Castle titled The Professor and Other Writings, in which she investigates her relationship with a female professor and how it shaped who she became as a person and a scholar. Under that one…The Devil’s Star, Jo Nesbo’s latest Harry Hole novel. I have not read Nesbo yet, but I keep seeing his name everywhere, so I am looking forward to this one (and hoping I can jump right in, as it’s a series and I haven’t read the other books yet).

And on the bottom of the pile there, a couple of library books: Victorian London, by Liza Picard, a book about…well, Victorian London, which I picked up just to learn some more interesting facts about life in London during that time and refresh my memory a bit, as I plan to tackle both Wilkie Collins and Dickens in the next few months. And finally, Libba Bray’s A Great and Terrible Beauty, which I am reading as part of my YA discovery. I hate to admit it, but I actually laughed out loud when I got this book home from the library and skimmed the first few pages (I am not the only one who reads the first few pages of every book she receives, am I?): the font is HUGE. (Update: Dummy did not realize she picked up a large print version of the book. Duh.) I had a moment of nostalgia then for when I used to teach writing, and students would turn in triple-spaced papers with eighteen point font (yes, despite the guidelines). It looked like Dr. Seuss had edited their papers. I am not judging the story, but I imagine it will be a quick read. That will be a good thing if I enjoy it enough to read the other books in the trilogy.

Happy Monday! I am off to watch Chuck, our Monday night guilty pleasure.

7 thoughts on “Goodies

  1. yay, it arrived! I hope you enjoy it šŸ˜€

    And I just got a copy of Liza Picard’s Victorian London too! I’ve partially read it before, for a course I took some years ago, but I decided that the Our Mutual Read challenge was the perfect excuse to return to it, and read those other chapters that weren’t required and I didn’t find time for back then. I remember it being so well-written and fun to read!

  2. Steph, yay for Chuck! I always feel a little guilty for watching TV…but not so guilty that I don’t watch it anyway.

    Nymeth, I cannot wait to read it! I finally finished The Knife of Never Letting Go, so I am ready to dive in. That’s too funny that you also got a copy of Liza Picard’s book. I’m happy to hear that you’ve read parts of it and found it worthy to return to–I just picked it at random. Thank goodness my instincts were right.

    Sherry, I am looking forward to reading Shadow Tag, although it has a much different feel than some of her other work I’ve read…although that’s one of the things I like about her as a writer.

  3. I read “A Great and Terrible Beauty” on a flight several years back. I don’t even remember why I bought it – it’s far from my type of book… It was a good purchase, though, because the flight ended up taking 3 hours longer than it should have (because of winds, interestingly enough). I don’t know what I would have done without a book, even one as strangely unsuited to myself and easy to read as this one… Enjoy the haul!

  4. Bibliobio, did you read the other books in the trilogy? I am enjoying it so far, but I wonder if it will be compelling enough to continue…

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