Let the Games Begin…in January, Anyway

To kick off my return to blogging, I decided that joining a challenge or two might be a good idea. Now, if you ever visited me here a few years back, you know that I tend to be a miserable failure when it comes to challenges. This year, I am determined to read more of my own books. My TBR list is no smaller than it was a over a year ago when I took what became an extended break from blogging (not from reading! never!). In fact, with the addition of my Kindle to the mix, the list has only gotten longer. So, with the TBR in mind, I decided to join the following challenges:

The TBR Double Dare: (Hosted by C.B. James of Ready When You Are, C.B.) From January 1 to April 1, only read books from your existing (as of January 1) TBR pile. The only outside books allowed are book club books and books that were on the library hold list prior to January 1. I’ve committed to reading eight books from my TBR stack…that’s if I can keep myself from filling up my library holds list before January 1 with everything from these year-end lists I keep reading. Must…maintain…control.

So as not to distract myself from the TBR (by, say, reading eight books and then pretending I’ve made a huge dent), I’m joining another TBR challenge, the aptly named Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2012, (hosted by Bev at My Reader’s Block) to help me be accountable for the rest of the year. I’m entering at the Mt. Vancouver level, which is 25 books (and yes, my eight from the TBR Double Dare do count) because I am a wimp easily distracted unpredictable when it comes these things.

I plan to post a page with my TBR list, so you can see what I have to tackle. Wish me luck. I am going to need it!

Updated to add credit to the hosts of these challenges!

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