TSS: Schedules, challenges, and so forth

sunsalon1Hello! My poor blog has been gathering dust and cobwebs the last week and a half while I try to catch up with work. Every time I think I am getting close, something comes along to throw me off track again, even if for a good reason. Last weekend I was supposed to work, but we ended up selling all of our bedroom furniture on Craig’s List. We have had it listed for months, and the Friday night before we got an email from someone asking if he could come see it at 9:00 the following morning. We said sure, thinking that he likely would either not show up or would show up and say he needed to think about it. Imagine our surprise when he looked at it and said he’d take it. He didn’t even haggle over price. An hour and a half later, he drove away with the bed we had woken up in that very same morning. Luckily we had our replacement furniture picked out, because we have a guest coming in a few weeks so we needed to get everything purchased and set up. By 9:00 Sunday night, we had all our new stuff in place. I still need to do a bit of decorating and we need something for the walls, but other than that we are set. But I didn’t get a lick of work done, so that put me several more days behind.

The point of this story: no blogging, no commenting, and not much reading, which isn’t good for a book blogger. I’m way behind on my TBR Double Dare reading list, and I’m not sure I am going to read 8 books by April 1. I’ll be lucky to finish Small Island and maybe read one or two more. I’m a short way into Alice Munro’s The View from Castle Rock, and I’m still reading The Night Circus, which I have out on two-week loan from the library. It has to go back Wednesday and I can’t renew it, so I’ll probably end up paying late fees. All of the other library books that I’d had out from my hold list went back to the library with spines uncracked (by me, anyway). I’ll just have to read them later. I do think I’m going to make a better go of just sticking to books I have in my possession for a while. I really do have a lot of good books just sitting on my shelves, something I noticed when we were moving things around last week.

Today it’s beautiful outside, and I would rather be running, but I am sneaking in this quick blog post before I start working. I guess I should have said, “I would rather be reading” or “I would rather be blogging,” but it just wouldn’t be true. It’s perfect running weather out there. Anyway, work it is today, and then tonight the Academy Awards. I haven’t seen half the films, especially the ones likely to win, The Descendants and The Artist. We did watch Hugo last night, and even though we liked it and thought it was well done, we agreed it’s not necessarily award-worthy, at least outside the special effects department. A sweet story, though, and well done. If I had my way, Midnight in Paris would win everything it’s nominated for, die-hard Woody Allen fan that I am. I really do think it was terrific, although can somebody tell me why Rachel McAdams doesn’t fire her agent? She was great in Midnight in Paris; I think she’s hiding some real talent behind all the other dreck she chooses. Maybe she just has terrible taste? If she’s not careful, she’ll end up as one of those actresses who only does Lifetime movies.

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you all have a terrific week. Do something crazy on Leap Day, but don’t do this:

8 thoughts on “TSS: Schedules, challenges, and so forth

  1. Sadly, Hugo won’t be shown on the big screen here in Croatia, but I agree on Midnigt in Paris and The Artist. I really loved both of them, and MIP pushed me to revisit Annie Hall.
    I’ve just reviewed The Night Circus, and I’ll check back to read your thoughts πŸ™‚

    Have a nice Sunday!

  2. I’m a big Woody Allen fan, too, and it’s only in recent years that his movies have come to our local theaters. But I’ve seen the last few here and adored Midnight in Paris.

    Also Matchpoint a few years ago.

    I have DVDs of his movies from back in the day, including Annie Hall and all the ones with Mia Farrow.

    Not to segue from Woody, but I do want to see The Descendants; guess I’ll have to wait until it comes to DVD.


  3. I haven’t seen any of the movies that have been nominated, I just didn’t make it to the movies much last year, but I’m still going to watch the awards. It’s cool that you sold your furniture like that, but I can see how that would be a bit of an inconvenience. Still, new furniture is fun! πŸ™‚

  4. I really enjoyed Midnight in Paris as well, but since that’s the whole nominated movie I’ve watched this year I have no strong opinion. I’d be happy to see it win, though!

  5. I’m so behind on movies–I don’t think I’ve seen any of the nominees at all! I used to be really into the Oscars, but I guess I’ve fallen out of the movie habit.

    And yay for Frasier! That used to be my favorite show. I even named my cat Niles. πŸ™‚

  6. That story about getting rid of all your old furniture in one single day for the exact price you wanted to sell it for made me feel happy. I love getting rid of things. I love things being easy. Yay for you! I hope your new furniture is glorious!

  7. Amy, I was so happy it won Best Screenplay!

    Ivana, that’s too bad about Hugo. I think it should be just as enchanting on the small screen though. Oh, Annie Hall. What a classic! As for The Night Circus, I wasn’t able to finish it…it had to go back to the library. I’ll revisit it, hopefully soon. I’ll check out your review!

    Laurel, I also want to see The Descendants. I had hoped to see it in the theater, but never made it. I’ve only seen Matchpoint once–I need to see it again. From around that same time, I really enjoyed Scoop.

    Alyce, new furniture is so much fun! The awards were a bit dull this year. To be honest I watch it for the dresses whether I’ve seen the movies or not. πŸ˜‰

    Ana, I think you would enjoy Hugo!

    Teresa, Frasier is one of my favorites of all time. It never fails to make me laugh. That Leap Year episode is one of the best, that and the one where he and Niles open the restaurant.

    Jenny, it’s like it’s not even my bedroom anymore, but a really nice hotel. Loving it!

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