Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Books of 2014 (so far)

Yesterday I had the stunning realization that I read only ONE book in May: The People in the Trees. Lucky for me it was a really terrific book, but honestly, it’s bad enough that I generally only average three books a month. Definite room for improvement.

Today’s Top Ten, hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, asks us about our ten favorite books so far this year. With such a short list for the year, I don’t have ten books, but I do have six, and here they are:

The Tie That Binds Cover


Where'd You Go, Bernadette Cover


Big Machine Cover




The People in the Trees Cover



4 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top 10 Books of 2014 (so far)

  1. Andi, I felt exactly the same way about Semple’s first. In fact, I didn’t like it much at all, so I avoided Bernadette for a long while. I was so pleasantly surprised to find myself laughing out loud and rooting for Bernadette no matter how nutty the story got.

  2. I LOVED Where’d You Go Bernadette–it was probably one of the best books I read last year! I have her first novel sitting on my TBR pile, but I’ve heard it’s a disappointment.

  3. Bookmammal, thanks for visiting! I’d say skip her first one. It has some funny moments, but not enough to feel like it ever hits a groove. It took me forever to pick up Bernadette because I disliked it so much!

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