Freestyle Friday: 07.18.14

Today’s Freestyle Friday is a short one. I’ve been days off my schedule after our trip to Amsterdam last week. Unfortunately, our reason for traveling did not pan out: my husband was there for a job interview, and although they liked him, they decided they needed someone with more experience specific to the role. The job would have required us to move to Amsterdam, which has been a dream of ours for years and after last weekend has now become a mission. We are disappointed but determined to get there in the next few years.

I’ve got three books awaiting review (The Enchanted, We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, and Stoner—let me give you the short version of what I plan to say about all three books: They are wonderful. Read them.). I realize that I need to get back into the habit of not letting myself start a new book until I have written a review of the current one (at least as long as I intend to write a review—I don’t always). I’m traveling to Seattle next week, and long plane rides provide ample reading time. As I am in a middle seat going both ways (joy), there is a good chance I won’t have enough space to do much more than operate my tablet. Also, my laptop battery only lasts about three hours, and it’s a five-plus hour flight. Darn! Reading it is.

Today I learned about Kindle Unlimited. I know you all hate Amazon, but it’s taking everything I have not to sign up for a free trial. I admit I am not doing that to protest Amazon. I’m trying not to sign up because I have so many unread books and review copies already, and I don’t need any more temptation. (We all know as I write this that I will be signed up by the end of the day.)

Running. Haven’t been doing it. When I get back from Seattle, I plan to pick up my Sub-65 Minute 10K program. I cannot decide if I should pick up where I left off or start over. I admit that I am less worried about the outcome and more interested in simply having a plan that tells me what to do and when to do it. I made it five weeks last time before travel interrupted.

And with that, I close and bid you all a Happy Weekend!

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